I don't know how to start after such a break.  I will do better.  Tonight though, I can't sleep and my chest is physically hurting from heartbreak.  I miss my girl.  Life has gone on beautifully and yet a great deal of anxiety leaves that pain in the throat since the start of April, knowing this next day is approaching.  Almost a month of being keenly aware of what happened TWO years ago, starts in under one hour.  
I love you Maggie.  Tomorrow is your day.
4/29/2013 02:54:23 pm

Joy - please know that you were covered in my prayers today. I can't imagine experiencing such heartache and continuing to live after it. Even the idea of such a loss terrifies me, but to actually experience it...unbearable. I doubt the pain will ever fully go away, but would become a (little) less intense each year. May it be a reminder that there is more to life than this broken world!

1/15/2014 01:31:08 pm

During my quest to seek joy I found your blog today. My heart hurts for you and your family. I will be praying for you. I believe God has something great in store for you.


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